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Sex Crimes Philosophy – Early Intervention is Critical to a Good Outcome

Lewis G KhashanMany timid criminal defense lawyers shy away from sex crimes matters until formal charges have been filed by the DA. Temecula Criminal Law attorney, Lewis Khashan, is not shy! Mr Khashan’s approach is to investigate the accusations right away using our own independent investigators. This proactive approach to sex crimes cases can give us much needed information so we can negotiate with the detectives or prosecutors for reduced charges or to head off charges ever being filed at all! If charges are filed, our quick intervention and investigation will assist us build the best possible defense case.

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Experienced criminal defense should not be out-of-reach of average people. We offer our clients reasonable fees. Getting experienced and knowledgeable legal help should not put you in the poor house. Our fees are extremely reasonable. Additionally, we accept credit cards and on a case-by-case basis can even make payment plan arrangements when necessary. .

If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer in the Temecula Valley who will passionately fight for your rights, protect your interests, and offer an expert advice to the predicament you find yourself entangled, you’ve found him.

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